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If you came here because you love the Sarah Tolerance books and want more of them:

1) thank you! I love them too.

2) I am delighted to say that The Sleeping Partner, the third in Miss Tolerance's adventures, is now out from Plus One Press. For more information you can check out Miss Tolerance's Own Website: http://sarahtolerance.com.

3) thank you for coming by. Pull up a toadstool and hang out.

As for the rest of me:

I was born and raised in New York and now live in San Francisco, which I like a lot (but I still yearn for the pace and energy of my home town).

I write stuff. Books, short stories, ephemera. Blog entries.

I read stuff. All kinds of stuff, about which I occasionally write.

I write about writing sometimes, about my family, the dog, cakes, and the weirdnesses I observe.

I have two children and am frequently overwhelmed by them. The dog is pretty overwhelming too.

If this isn't enough, I also blog on writing every other Tuesday at the Book View Cafe blog; and very occasionally at my home website: madeleinerobins.com. Some of my short fiction is on view at BookViewCafe.com.

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