WTF November (WTF 2016, for that matter)

Along with the awful that was the election and threatens to be the next four years in my country (a country which I love and in whose potential I believe), and the deaths of some people I loved and admired... my daughter Julie went to the hospital last night with what turned out to be a ruptured appendix. The offending item has been removed, strong antibiotics are being applied, and we have reason to believe that she'll be up and dancing in what will seem like an age to her, but will really be pretty quick.

But as I keep quoting, first at Julie and then at November in general: "You really delight in these sadistic strains on my blood pressure, don't you?" (from The Little Mermaid, if you were wondering.)

All Whitehall in a Nutshell

Or rather, all Whitehall in a single ebook. If serialized fiction--and waiting for the next chunk of it--is not your bag, but you were interested in Whitehall, the episodic story of Catherine of Braganza, Barbara Palmer, and King Charles II, you're in luck.

Whitehall is now available in ebook form! Wherever, as the phrase goes, fine ebooks are sold. Really: run right over and pick up your copy today.

Covering the Books

I never seem to get the smooth, finished look of the fondant that I imagine. Still, they're supposed to be old books, and they look like old books, so...

Tonight: gilding and embossing.


I Did Say There Would Be Photos

Three cakes (small - spice) (medium - chocolate) (big - yellow) have been made and rough-shaped and crumb-coated.

Tomorrow night: the coloring, rolling out, and application of fondant.

Wednesday evening: decoration.

In the beginning there was batter.

Post baking, cooling, thinking upon its fate.

Three tiers, three books.

Must see if there's a way to create "marbled" edges. Hmmm.


Caking Books

This week we're celebrating the Bookbinder's Museum's first year in our beautiful space as part of Third Thursday (the Yerba Buena/SOMA cultural celebration that happens--you guessed it--on the third Thursday of every month).

So I'm making a cake.

As a stack of books. Old books (16th century, give or take) and new (19th century).

There will probably be process photos, because you know I do that.

You have been warned.

The Queen's Last Hurrah

For those of you who have been following along, today is the last episode of Whitehall. Will there be another season? Dunno. Would enjoy it, but I have no idea. But it has been a wonderful experience being involved with this one. If you like historical fiction, may I humbly suggest you check it out? Episode 1 is free...

Still Team Catherine, FWIW.

Note to My Daughter, Which She Will Never Read

It isn't that your opinions on politics are either more or less valid just because you and your generation are young. It's that coming to those opinions is a new (to you), and exciting sensation. As it should be. Those opinions are therefore shinier than any of the old shopworn opinions of an aged parent. A thing to consider some time when you have absolutely nothing else to do? AP's opinions started out just as shiny and exciting, at a time as roiling in its own way as this one. And at that point AP's generation was going to fix it all, too (for the record, we fixed some stuff. Just not all of it. And none of it via ideological stubbornness).

Brought to you by hearing my family debating vociferously BEFORE I HAVE EVEN HAD COFFEE.

2016 Clarion Write-a-Thon Starts Today

Once again I am plying my mighty words to help raise money for scholarships to the Clarion SF Writers Workshop*. I've pledged to write 20,000 words over six weeks (should be a snap, right? Except for that pesky day job...), and more than that, I'm going to do my damnedest to write every day (hear that, day job? Words every day), which should put me much closer to finishing Sarah Tolerance #4 (currently titled The Fate of Women, but that is likely to change).

It's not just me, either. There are a bundle of excellent writers participating, too many to list here. If my work is not your cup of tea, there are many other writers to encourage. And of course, the money all goes to support scholarships for the next wave of SF, Fantasy, Horror, and cross-genre genius writers out there. Think of it as ensuring you'll have good things to read in your old age.

*I'm participating in a Write-a-Thon for the original Clarion, now in San Diego, as opposed to the Clarion West Workshop--they're doing a Write-a-Thon too, and they too are worthy. But I went to Clarion at MIchigan State, so...