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We Are Out of Coffee...

... and even so I have cleaned myself and the bathroom and kitchen. But I'm flagging. I may need to go acquire beans. The problem with being the only coffee drinker in the house is that I cannot twist someone else's arm to go out and get coffee for me. Life is hard.


Just because you are the only coffee drinker in the house doesn't mean your loved ones shouldn't be expected to get you coffee sometimes. Does everyone in the house wash only the clothes they themselves have worn? Does everyone in the house buy only the food they themselves eat? I suspect not. So, even as you sometimes wash their clothes and buy their groceries, they should sometimes buy your coffee. It's only fair.
It's just that no one else remembers "Coffee!" when they go to the market. If I explicitly remember to ask for it it will come back (after dithering because they're not sure they're bringing back the right brand/roast/ground vs. whole bean, etc.). I must remember to ask, which I never do until the last bean has been ground and its liquor ingested.

If I were going to request a conversion of manners, it would likely start elsewhere.