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Holy Whatever

It's like someone up there is trying to prove a point about, like, climate irascibility: already today before noon: bright sunshine, brief downpour, sunshine, sprinkle, sunshine, and, then, just now: Hail.

I'm not even going to ask WTF. I know we've needed the rain, but no where is it written that we need the hail.


It's hailing here, too. I went outside and took a picture of the doormat. ?!?!?

bay area?

experienced 2 pea-sized hail storms that were brief and fierce, the only thing we didn't see was any snow (n bay)

Re: bay area?

We had three bouts of hail: the first was pea-size, the other two were bits the size of those little styrofoam pellets they stuff cheap soft toys with.

So much excitement.

Re: bay area?

We never got pea-size, just the styrofoam they stuffed beanbag chairs with. (Me: old.)

Did you see the pictures of snow on Mt. Diablo? Or indeed Mt. Diablo itself?