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Asking for a Friend

I now have more than 10 years of LJ entries. Does anyone know if there is a way to download them, short of cutting/copying each bloody one?


I made a dreamwidth backup some time ago, and can autopost to LJ from that account. All of my old posts were transferred at the same time. That's the easiest backup I've found.

What type of functionality are you trying to preserve? Do you just want the contents of each post with metadata and comments? Are you looking for separate files that you can search, one giant file, etc? Is this something you want to happen continuously (automatic new download every time you post) or something that you'll do a few times a year?

I don't know how to do most of these things, but others likely will.
I don't remember which one(s) I've seen recommended, but a bunch come up on a Google seach for livejournal downloader.
I am at the Fair on Sunday.

Mostly, with all the rumors of Doom regarding LJ, I figured I'd better make a backup of all those years' worth of stuff...
I used something called BlogBooker (which used to be free, but now isn't). It will give you a PDF including all comments and photos, bookmarked by year, and with a linked table of contents. I decided the neat format was worth the small price.

At least this should give youy a starting place.


Edited at 2017-02-11 01:32 am (UTC)
You can do multiple years with the free Blogbooker, if you do it one year at a time.

(I've been using the service to make annual backups pretty much since I joined LJ.)