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At Long Last, Sir, Have You No Decency?

One of my favorite movies is a lush, color version of the Japanese legend of the forty-seven ronin, called Chushingura.  I've only seen it a few times, but it's wonderful--epic scope, gorgeous to look at.

And then today I saw a trailer for this.  It's the legend of the 47 ronin made over as a fantasy.  With Keanu Reeves as the main character, a half-breed warrior who (of course) is the leader of the disgraced ronin who avenge their assassinated master.  And lotsa SFX, cause that's what the kids like these days.

For the love of God, really? 


Well, it was a puppet show before it was a movie.

But yeah. How wrong is that?
I was perturbed by this myself. Chushingura is, as you say, absolutely gorgeous. This one looks like Hollywood, period.
There are actors working today I'd love to see in a new version of Chushingura. Remarkably enough, none are named Keanu Reeves.
I don't know the legend well enough to say for sure, but I don't recall a half-breed ronin who led them all. Of course, I don't recall one of the characters turning into a dragon, so that shows you what I know.
They're substituting D&D magic for the detailed depiction of medieval Japanese life that made the original so amazing. Even to modern Japanese people that life is so distant and strange that it should be enough "weird" for anyone.

And why all these effing -remakes- anyway? Doesn't anyone in Hollywood have an original idea anymore?