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Day of Words

I had my workshop yesterday, which was, as it always is, fun and useful.  And then went off to the pre-reading dinner with the SF in SF crowd, which was more fun (for some reason wild_irises, deborahjross, and I got into a discussion with some of the others about sickness, which led to death and mourning rituals; ah, the wild times of the SF crew).  Then over to a pretty-packed house, where Deborah, then I, then Nalo Hopkinson, read.  Then drinks and conversation (holy cats, there was a guy there that I knew from almost 30 years ago when we were both players at the New York Renaissance Festival!), then a Q&A session led by Terry Bisson.  Throughout, it was fun, exhilarating, and I learned stuff.  Also walked out with Nalo's new book and Deborah's.

More to read.  Always a good thing.