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Dance Ten, Looks Three

Or at least, taste ten, looks three.

I decided to make bagels while I watched the Tonys last night.  The result tastes terrific (tho' I need to find a local source for malt syrup, which effects the taste considerably) but looks...lumpy.  So I will just have to do it again with an eye to aesthetics.  Ah, well: yum.
Dance, Ten.  Looks, Three


(belting voice) TITS! AND AAAASSSS!

sorry, sorry. Anyway, there are several brewing supply stores on the Peninsula, and I think I have also gotten malt syrup from Whole Foods. Those look yummy to me.
They look good. Yeah, the malt syrup seems to be key. People add it to the water for color, too, I think.

The thing is, now you have about a dozen fresh-fresh bagels and is there enough lox and cream cheese?
Plenty of cream cheese. My family (saving only I) do not care for lox. Fools.

Malt syrup. Next time I pass Whole Foods...

Let me know if you find the malt syrup anywhere local. In the UK it was easy, but here not so much, I find. Or rather, I don't find.