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If I Was Any Smarter I'd Hurt Myself

Me, after an inadvertent quarrel with gravity in a theatre parking lot yesterday (but before the stitches in my eyebrow).  The mouse under my eye is swollen and technicolor, and I've got bruises to spare, but I am otherwise okay.  I need to remember that when I quarrel with gravity gravity always wins.  Always.


Silly rabbit. I'm the one with balance issues. Why are you fighting with gravity?
But gravity is so bossy and mean! And the step in the parking lot wasn't as high as I thought it was, and I turned my ankle, and GRAVITY IS MEAN!
Clearly you need to practice how to fall safely. I'd show you, but those muscles don't work so well any more.

Take care.

Rotten gravity. Wait till I get it in an alley, I'll teach it whatfor to hurt my pal. Feel better, sweets!
You're such a tough guy. Love you.
Oh, dear!

yeah, thee should be a word for the emotion when you realize gravity is having its way with you -- that moment when you're still ballistic.
Oh, honey!!! A soft warm cloth for the bruises, a good stiff drink for the innards, and a husband to fuss over you (gently), that's what you need.
Ouchies. May you heal speedily and completely!
Stupid freakin gravity is stupid. At least, it's stupid to have this much. We don't need this much. Less gravity would be so bouncy and awesome.
Not to mention all the crockery that wouldn't get broken cause you could catch it on the way down. I think we're on to something, Emma.