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Well, That's Going to be a Busy Week

Suddenly the end of March is turning into Busy Land.

On March 24th I'm one of the readers/participants in a launch party/reception for Plus One Press's Tales from the House Band in Marin.

On Sunday the 25th I have my writing workshop. (Note to self: finish the damned chapter you're working on and send it to people, please.)

The next weekend is FogCon, in Walnut Creek (accessible from all over the Bay Area via BART). On Saturday I have a panel (Gray is the New Purple--about SF that deals with aging or has older protagonists) and a reading. On Sunday morning I have a panel about improving your reading skills (meaning reading to a crowd, not literacy). And then...

I am doing an appearance at Copperfields, in Sebastopol. My sister in law, who lives in Sebastopol, has been trying to get me up there to do an author event for kittens' years, and lo and behold, she has persevered! Thanks, Carey.


I'll be at the first three. Maybe I should go to the fourth. :-)
Well, I'm going to have to leave my Sunday morning panel and drive like a bunny to get up to Sebastopol by 1:15...