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New Look?

Periodically I go looking for a new look for this journal. My requirements are not heroic, but they are my requirements, and I find them remarkably difficult to meet, given the number of "themes," as LJ calls them, that are available.
1) I'm not upgrading just to get a theme I like. Cheap or prudent? Your call.
2) I prize readability over adorability. For copy, that means dark type on white or near-white backgrounds.
3) No glaring hot colors! (see readability, above)
4) This is negotiable, but I have a slight preference for serif, over sans serif, fonts.

With all the gazillions of themes to choose from--well, knock out the ones for which you must upgrade and call it half-a-gazillion--I have found exactly three I might audition. My search is complicated by the fact that, while I'm a writer, that's not all that I am, and I feel a little squeamish about limiting myself to the "writers" themes, which involve typewriters, typewriter keys, and in one style, balled up pieces of paper ringing a wastebasket. I know I'm a writer; do I need to get cute about it?

My "auditionable" themes are Earth Theme, Money Theme, and Bookworm Turquoise. Earth and Money Themes are virtually identical, only one uses serif and the other sans serif. Bookworm is a "writer theme," but it's books, and long before I was a writer I was a reader.

The more I looked at all this stuff, the more I yearned for Forest Green, which has been my theme for a while. But in the interest of trying something new, I'm going to spend a week with each of my chosen styles and see what I think. If anyone has an opinion do please let me know.


I have long believed that my theme is the best of all possible themes, and I have never found another that I liked better.

Mine is green but it comes in other colors.
Yours is a perfectly excellent theme. And I tend toward green also. But visually, I like a narrower field of text. We'll see how I come down on the subject in three weeks.