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This is What The Future Looked Like in my Head

From APOD (and via the ever-useful jaylake) the perfect cover for the perfect unwritten/unread SF novel I wanted to read when I was thirteen.


Oh, yes. I would buy that book now.
Even before women were admitted to the astronaut corps, I wanted to be one, in spite of growing up to be too short to qualify, and not sufficiently skilled in math for a pure science major. Then there was the military issue.

Valentina Tereshkova was my hero, along with Margot Fonteyn, for years.
I am the world's biggest coward and heights scare me, and I can't do math, and, and... and yet, I wanted to be an astronaut with a big blue passion. And there was the military issue (which, when I was a kid and Vietnam was raging, was a considerable one).

And yet.
You and I are about the same age. My main problem with heights is the fear of falling from them. I might not be able to do a spacewalk, but I might be able to handle life on a shuttle, for the length shuttle missions were. Of coure, there's the motionsickness issue.

My name is Marina. I wanted more memory and storage space, but I don't have the right port.
My FiL wa s a charter boat captain for over 40 years, and I get too seasick to go on the open ocean, or even the Gulf of Mexico (he was out of Destin FL, on the panhandle.

I need to talk to the manufacturer about this faulty system of mine
What an excellent photo.