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Meet You in Madison?

My Wiscon Schedule, for those who will be in the neighborhood:

Saturday, 4-5:15 The Colonization of (Middle–class American?) Children
The culture of rhymes, rituals, games, songs and secrets that had been passed on for generations from older kids to younger was interrupted for many in the end of the 20th century. Parents seemed to substitute TV and chaperoned play dates and a circumscribed physical world. But you can't keep good kids down. Have current children found ways to invent a culture for themselves? Does any one (who is prepared to talk) know what's in it?

Sunday, 1-2:15 Book View Cafe Reading
Come join me, Jennifer Stevenson, Lori DeVoti, Anne Harris and Nancy Jane Moore for fiction, treats, maybe even a raffle...

Sunday, 4-5:15 Research: Ur Doing It Rong
Why is the process of research depicted as more linear and leading directly to The Answer than any actual researcher knows it to be? Desire for narrative economy aside, it would still be nice to see the slog, the dead–end paths pursued, the startling revelation uncovered when looking for something entirely different. Why not a Book Of Knowledge that has to be painstakingly reconstructed (and disagreed about) from partial copies and out of context quotations, rather than found in its entirety? Which authors are the praiseworthy exceptions who get it right?

Monday, 10-11:15 Does Media SF Get a Free Pass for Scientific Illiteracy
One of the unspoken objections of literary SF fans to media fandom is the belief that media fans will ignore even the most ridiculous scientific errors for the sake of pretty graphics, cool costumes and hot stars. Does media SF get a free pass, from the Star Trek: Voyager Delta Quadrant that lacked particles for water particles to form around, to the Star Wars ships that act like 20th Century fighter planes, to all the gasoline–colored noisy explosions in deep vacuum?

Monday, 11:30-12:45 The Sign Out

"All right? Who's with me? Who's bloody with me?"