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That's Nice to Know...

According to today's San Francisco Chronicle, if you own your home...
You are happier and more satisfied with your life your children are better educated and less likely to get into trouble your daughters are less likely to become pregnant as teenagers you vote more often and are more active in your community you are more likely to recycle and less likely to get mugged. -- From "The Social Consequences of Home Ownership," a 2003 study by Robert Dietz
Gee, that makes everything so much simpler.


Dimwitted. You can control for all those other things, but it seems you just can't control for having your head screwed on straight in the first place, which is the likely cause for both most homeownership and much of the other stuff.
It sounds correlative rather than causal. One will have these things incidentally to having a home, rather than because one has a home.
There's a kind of horse-before-the-court quality to the pronouncement, for sure.

And if you own your home and yet your children have problems at school, your daughter gets pregnant in eighth grade, you're too depressed to vote or do community work, and the neighborhood in which you live is not yet gentrified and muggings happen all the time (even to you) then you're a failure. A home-owning failure.