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Today, I spent an hour and a half on job-search homework (the outplacement counselor assigned an exercise, and I'm trying my best to do it thoroughly and with a good will), wrote about 500 new words on The Fate of Women (the current lousy title of Sarah Tolerance #4) and will shortly be going in to the guest-room-formerly-Becca's-other-room to start wringing order out of chaos.

Getting into the habit of getting stuff done again after the long, gorgeous sloth of France and England.


YIPPEEE! (re ST #4). Commiserations on having to re-attack the never-dying Beast of Must Be Done.
Giving the astonishing mess in which Hurricane Becca left her room and the rest of the house in her efforts to get to college... Getting stuff done is not a choice, it's a destiny.
"long gorgeous sloth" sounds like an interesting sort of animal.
More Sarah Tolerance!