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I Am Home

Not surprisingly, I am in post-Worldcon "geeIhadaswelltimenowwhat" torpor.  Have unpacked the bag, separated the to-wash from the to-be-cleaned from the can-be-refiled-whence-it-came stuff, and must now take the cleaning to the cleaner so that I can pick up milk so that I can have coffee.

Emily was so overjoyed to see us--Danny had been in Sarasota dropping Becca off at college--that she practically dislocated her tail with wagging, and has been dogging us from room to room.

Worldcon was terrific: met people, was on two good panels, saw any manner of people I do not normally get to see, talked writing, had an informal BVC get-together-and-natter session. Also ate and drank (they had very good cider on tap in the Fan City Bar.  Managed to squeeze in some London in the interstices, including the Globe (great production of Anthony and Cleopatra), and walking around in my usual Sarah Tolerance haunts, getting the measure of distances and such.  I do so love London.

And France, as mentioned earlier, was wonderful.  Possibly beyond wonderful.  Who do I know who's got money and a birthday coming up and wants to host a big house party?...


I have a birthday coming up. No money though. :-)
You need a patron, Serge. Maybe we should start a kickstarter...

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