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Jay is Gone, Dammit

I said elsewhere:

There are people who seem to live louder, faster, grander, bigger lives than the rest of us. And then there's Jay Lake, who died today. Ebullient is too mild a word for Jay at his best. I am sad for his beautiful daughter, for his sweetie, for his families of choice and of birth, his huge corps of friends, and the world of letters, which has been robbed.

Bye, Jay. Much love. And a spoon. Just in case.

I wanted to add that, even as his final decline began, I kept expecting a sudden miraculous rebound, Jay bursting through a door roaring "Not so fast, Cancer." Possibly in Hawaiian-print spandex, with a big J on his chest and his long hair flowing on an heroic breeze. Because: Jay. I wish I'd been right, for all of us left sorrowful. 


Yeah, I kept hoping for that rebound as well. Dammit.
Yes. This. Every word.

I typically use my Indian Pipe icon for memorial posts and comments, but it's far to quiet for Jay. Hence the fireworks from the Staten Island Ferry. Even better because I mistyped "Fireworks" when naming the icon, and was then too delighted with "Firewords" to correct it.

It's hard to believe. He blazed with life.