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Time, Time, Time

This morning is Avocado's first day of the new school year.  Her senior year.  In which another round of SATs, three AP classes, mock trial, JSA, work at the Children's Creativity Museum, and the odd babysitting job, loom.  Oh, and at least one more college trip.  Oh: and she's a senator of the Golden Gate Region of JSA, and co-captain of the mock trial team.

I am seriously proud of her.  It's going to be a stressful year; certainly a stressful first semester.  But somehow she's going to get through it and triumph.  My job is to provide support and the odd smatch of guidance and, otherwise, let her use those wings she's been flapping.  On my part this will likely take some occasional restraint, both in the worrying department and the kill-the-kid department.

In other news, Sarcasm Girl is heading into her senior year too: but today is Becca's day.  Senior.  Yoicks.



Do you do the "first day of school" picture thing?
When the kids were little. Nowadays, she takes so many pictures of herself that memorializing her days seems redundant.
How did they get to be so old? Not us, mind you :)
Has yours arrived home yet? He was a very well mannered guest; you done good!