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Ripples of Circumstance

There was, as you may have heard, an horrific plane crash at SFO yesterday. Two dead, 180 with some sort of injury from critical to treat-and-release.  The photos are seriously sobering.  And of course all the flights in and out are in chaos. Including the flight Becca and Danny were supposed to be on this morning at 6am.  They were automagically rebooked for Tuesday midday, which was so unsatisfactory as to be more or less useless.  Danny spent three hours on the phone waiting to talk to someone, gave up at 1:30 in the morning, then rose at 5:30 and drove down to SFO to talk to a live human, where he discovered that United had nothing until...Tuesday, midday.  He got me on the phone, I checked Southwest, and got two hideously expensive tickets that will get them out of here tomorrow morning and into Newark at 6pm on Monday evening, thence to pick up a car and drive to Vermont (having lost the Monday Vassar-and-Bard loop of the college tours).

The car rental agency wanted him to pay an extra $200 for the privilege of picking up the car a day late.  Cancelled that, arranged for a new rental which was only $40 more.

The hotel for Monday night could not refund the pre-paid reservation because it was made through Orbitz, and: policy, man.  Orbitz, fortunately, was more forgiving.  So that got done.  He's trying to get hold of the Vermont hotel to make sure they're okay with a midnight check-in.

Then there was some confusion about returning flights and it looked like Bec's flight back had been changed to the same day as Danny's (rather than in August, after her Georgetown program lets out).  This seems to be okay.

United needs to update their hold music.  Dear God, between the cool-jazz guitar loop of "Rhapsody in Blue" heard over and over for hours, and the fact that the tape was warped unto warbling, George Gershwin should sue.

But it's done.  I think.  And I hope that all the people on the Asiana flight recover and are home with their loved ones soon.


Well done, you. I have never had a good interaction with United. NEVER.

I am currently watching my husband's little icon on a Google map; his flight landed in SFO 20 minutes ago. I expect he's waiting in line to get on a parking shuttle. The flight after his was cancelled, so blessings are being counted.

Pour yourself a stiff drink on me. Organizing things is tiring.
Oh, it was mostly Danny doing the organizing while I scuttled around in the background making cinnamon rolls and being supportive. He has done yeoman service. And, fortunately, Becca seems to understand and appreciate this.
Do you have a favorite cinnamon roll recipe? So many are IMHO too sweet.
I cheat: make biscuit dough. Roll it out flat. Make a filling of butter, sugar, cinnamon, ginger, and cloves. Smear same on dough. Roll up jelly-roll wise. Slice. Bake for 15-17 minutes at 450. Watch disappear.
Just a plain white bread dough with some cardamom in it works best, IMO. I agree about the too-sweet thing wholeheartedly. I've made biscuit-dough ones but I like a yeast bread texture better for mine.
The chiefest virtue of the biscuit ones is that I can do it on half an hour's notice. Bread dough requires more time and forethought (forethought being the particular issue) than I often have.
A dear friend has a grandson at Bard, where Bruce Springsteen's son also is. If you think it would be useful in any way, I will see if there is a way for Quin and Bec to connect via email.
My son was supposed to fly United back to Texas for work, probably leaving around 6 tonight. I'm hoping he could get something out of OAK, but who knows. I'm sure that got swamped immediately.
Ripples indeed. Sounds like Danny did a superb job and I'm glad Bec realizes it. One day, she will have to do these things for herself.
In this case, since his name was on all the arrangements, it was on him. But she saw a little of what went on, and has been busily thanking both of us all day. Of course, next time one of us does something unforgivable she'll forget today's virtue for a time. It's that whole human being thing, I guess.
It's no so much about her forgetting when you do something unforgivable; (to me, at least) it's about her remembering when she has to do it for herself.
Oh god that hold music yes. WarblewarblewarbleDAHDAHwarble whimper
Wow. That's dedicated parenting, all right. I'd have been tempted to give up the flight, the car, the college visits, and hand The Child a big check and say "College is overrated, anyway."

But seriously, if she's interested in a look at your alma mater, my home is always available for nearby accommodation.
In fact, she's going there (after Wesleyan and before a whirlwind trip west to Bard, which was reinstated in the itinerary, and then down to her grandparents in Pennsylvania, and then to Georgetown for her JSA course). She and her father have everything planned to the nanosecond, including accomodation. But it's really good of you to offer.

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She and my Pandora the Tank would have much in common.