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Bagels Redux: New and Improved!

This time I tried Smitten Kitchen's bagel recipe.  Smitten Kitchen is, fwiw, my favorite web-based recipe source (I have her cookbook now, and there is much fabulousness therein).  Why am I trying to be bagelish when you can go buy stuff down the street?  It's process, and I sometimes get a little obsessive about process.  I forgot to take pictures in the earlier part of the process, but here's the later stuff:
IMG_0515I forgot to take photos of the sponge, mixing, kneading, or shaping phases, but here are the bagels in the fridge, proofing overnight. Shaping was much improved this time.
IMG_0516And here they are, boiling.  One of the new things: malt syrup in the bagels and in the boiling water.
IMG_0517Bagels, boiled, drying a bit.
IMG_0518Bagels, boiled and seeded, waiting to be baked.
IMG_0519Bagels baking.
IMG_0520Poppy seeded bagels.
Bagels Redux, or: New and Improved!A few caraway bagels (because I love caraway seeds) and the rest plain.

And of course, we have tried one.  And lo, they are tasty.  Now: shower, farmer's market, Chores, etc.  How's your Sunday going?

PS: Special to Chaz--Whole Foods has malt syrup!


Dang. Those are impressive. Will there be cream cheese (and for you, lox) later on?

There is cream cheese, but no lox (because if I buy it for other than state occasions, I eat it all at once, because: lox). I might skin off a few to take to work...

I LOVE the Smittedn Kitchen (and have her cookbook as well). I haven't made Bagels yet, which is kind of a surprise really. I'm from New Jersey, and where I'm currently living in central New York, it's surprisingly hard to get a decent bagel. I never thought I'd be one of "those people", but yup, I am.

Maybe I should have a go at it.....
The malt syrup, if you can find it, is a good thing to have. Also, these are not done-in-three-hours bagels. The rising time is fairly short, but they can/should proof in the fridge (taking up all the real estate therein) for a surprisingly long time. But the result is really swell.

And yes: I <3 Smitten Kitchen a lot. I can't think of a single recipe of hers that hasn't turned out well; the photos are gorgeous, and her voice is delightful.
Whole Foods, you say? Duly noted...
(also, I should be able to make lox...)