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Sold for Endless Rue

Got the copyedit on the book formerly known as The Salernitan Women (and occasionally known as The Damned Italian Book). It is now called Sold for Endless Rue, and it's scheduled for release in May--just in time for Wiscon. This pleases me.

I'm still thinking about the cover--it's not the approach I had expected, but it's pretty.




My, that's a pretty cover. And a good title. I look forward eagerly. Congratulations!

The "YA-ness" is what threw me. The more I look at it, the better I like it--but I am curious to know how they're positioning it.
I like it. It does have a YA feel, but not in a way that put me off, at all.
I like it too. I wonder what she's looking at and I love her hair. Nice cover.
I am intrigued!
That's a very pretty cover, and I love the title.
I'd read it if it had broccoli on the cover. That one is pretty, but signals YA, at least to me.
I don't think YA is totally off the mark for this book (which I've read.) Certainly the first half shows a girl facing all sorts of horrible challenges and overcoming them -- and then the last part shows the price she's paid for it.

And it's certainly a good corrective to the "historically women could do nothing but pop out babies" myth so prevalent in genre.