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A Nice Thing About This Time of Year

While I must rise at Oh, God-Thirty (6:15 am) to get to work on time, when I come out of the bedroom in the dark the Christmas tree is still lit, and glowing softly to light my way to my shower.  If only all mornings were that quietly festive.*

*yes, I know we could keep the lights up year-round, but when the sun finally returns to us, the effect would be rather muted.  Plus, knowing it's only three weeks or so makes it a little more special.


Some people, presumably tired of putting them up and taking them down each year, leave their outside lights on their houses, albeit not plugged in, year round. It looks rather odd in February and rather pathetic by July.
Your Tree is up only three weeks?
I insist that we leave it up until Twelfth Night; this year we didn't get a tree until a week before Christmas. Three weeks was a rough estimate. How long do you guys leave your tree up?