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citibitmadrobins wrote
on July 1st, 2012 at 10:51 am

A Day in the North

Yesterday was the annual Lucasfilm 4th of July picnic, held up at the ranch (like how casually I say that? Years of practice). It's fun: lots of food, wandering around the grounds (which are immense), talking to people. This is the first year Avocado came with us; she and the Spouse wound up playing softball with two guys from a different branch of the company and she skunked all of them. It was too cool for swimming (although the fog and overcast that were predicted held off, for which Thanks), and after a few hours we had had our fill of Many People--at which point A suggested we drive further north to visit our family in Sebastopol. So we did.

Avocado did all the driving--which meant that on the way back into the city at dusk, when the fog had rolled in with drenching vengeance, she negotiated the curves and hills of our neighborhood and brought us home safely. Tuesday after class she's driving back up north for her cousin's birthday party, and returning on July 4th. It's all an adventure.

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