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citibitmadrobins wrote
on June 27th, 2012 at 09:40 pm

An Excellent Very Long Day...and So, to Bed

Left at 6am. Met kid at UCDavis at 7:40. After registration and putting the parking permit in the car window so I didn't lose the car, we were separated: she to talk of student things, I to learn everything in the Whole Wide World about UC Davis. Excellent lunch (the food is really good). Sarcasm Girl met a number of other transfers into the English department, made friends, registered for her fall quarter classes; we walked around the beautiful campus. I was taught the Aggie Fight song (and now I am an Aggie. They told me so). I think the Kid is almost as tired as I am (she dozed and read on Amtrak up; I drove up, then drove her home before returning to San Francisco also).

Fall over now.

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